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Welcome to Bonnoitt Financial Group, LLC

Bonnoitt Financial Group is a holistic financial advisor firm, which uses both security investments and insurance products to produce a individual financial strategy which helps meet the Goals of our clients. Bonnoitt Financial Group was founded in 2007 to provide the client a financial advisory firm that strives to handle complex financial issues that face them in during all phases of life. We are associated with Brookstone capital management LLC who is our SEC registered investment advisor firm and handles security strategies of the portfolio. We also are associated Covenant Reliance Group which provides us with numerous insurance products that a client will need throughout their lifetime.

Bonnoitt Financial Group specializes in retirement planning. Our goal here is to use flexible investment strategies to help ensure that the client's portfolio lasts a lifetime. The strategies that we use attempt to limit the losses during a bear market and returned reasonable gains in a bull market. This is done through active management of the portfolio. Our goal as a company is to develop a close relationship for clients the last a lifetime.